Children’s Kwanzaa Village is back for its 6th Year!

Habari Gani? Children’s Kwanzaa Village is back for its 6th year.

This year’s theme is Rise To The Occasion: The Kings & Queens Edition.

That’s right! We are recognizing how we are Royal everyday, walking with our heads held high despite the challenges we face, and acknowledging Royalty within the Black community. We want to talk about it, see it, and celebrate it with YOU!

How can you participate? We’re glad you asked!

Send in your videos!

We’d love to see how you demonstrate being Royal everyday, whether it is getting ready for school, doing chores with your parents, or taking care of your responsibilities with dignity and pride – we’d love to showcase you!

Be creative, have fun, and be ROYAL!

Send in your videos of you being Royal to

Meet up with us!

Have you seen the preview for The Woman King starring Viola Davis?

We have, and we’re going to see it in theatre on September 30, 2022!

THE WOMAN KING – Official Trailer (HD)

This year, we’d love to meet with you in person so we can go see the movie together!

Because we’d love to see you, the first person to submit their Royalty video will receive a complimentary ticket to see The Woman King with us at the movie theater.

Children's Kwanzaa Village 2022 Meet Up! Friday, September 30 AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9 6:30 PM Showing Bring your crew - we'd love to see you! 

Need a complimentary ticket? Submit your video for a chance to win!

Join our virtual Annual Children’s Kwanzaa Village Celebration

This year’s virtual celebration will take place on December 28 at 6 PM EST.

Stay tuned for updates as we get into the spirit of celebration and Rise To The Occasion for Children’s Kwanzaa Village 2022 – The Kings & Queens Edition!

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