CKV 2022: Rise To The Occasion- Kings & Queens Edition

As we prepare for our virtual event we’d like to ask for anyone who is interested in showcasing their talents or skills to reach out

Over the years we’ve brought together dancers, drummers, readers, chefs, coaches, artists from within our community.

This year is no different. 

Thank you to our CKV Champions over the years!

We could not continue to do this year after year without your continued love, encouragement, and support, and we’re grateful for each and every one of you!

This year’s theme Is Rise To The Occasion – Kings & Queens Edition

We are recognizing how we are Royal everyday, walking with our heads held high despite the challenges we face, and acknowledging Royalty within the Black community. We want to talk about it, see it, and celebrate it with YOU!

We’d love to share videos and photos of yourself, your family, and your loved ones: reading, singing, dancing, cooking, playing, and more – we want to celebrate you! 

Fill out this year’s form to register as a volunteer for this year’s event,  and stay tuned for more information on year 6 of Children’s Kwanzaa Village! ❤️ 

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