Rise to the Occasion- Kings & Queens Edition!

CKV 22 is here, reserve your spot.

Children’s Kwanzaa Village Early Bird Registration is available now!

We welcome all to join us for a virtual celebration honoring community, family & culture.

This year, we’re highlighting ways we all embody ‘Royalty’ in our daily lives by highlighting the contributions of those who continue to strengthen our community, and sharing more about our rich history to encourage positive self worth, knowledge of self and awareness.

Our message to our Children’s Kwanzaa Village community is that we are all Kings and Queens!

We want to talk about it, see it, and celebrate it with YOU!

Join us for an evening of song, dance, poetry, fellowship, and joy!

Share with a friend & register today! Follow @childrenskwanzaavillage for more information. ❤️🖤💚

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