About Us

Our Founders

Danielle Fairbairn-Bland is a Mental Health Clinician with over 15 years of experience in the field of Human Services.

As a proud daughter of immigrants, her passion to support individuals throughout life transitions is fueled by personal experiences of resilience and triumph. Danielle is the CEO of Vision Transformation Firm, LLC– a youth personal development firm that collaborates with the community to facilitate conversations to promote change and spread mental health awareness.  

As a Psychotherapist, Author and Speaker- she uses her platform to plant seeds of hope in children, families and communities. Danielle is passionate about uplifting Black experiences by preserving cultural traditions, promoting healthy family bonds and prioritizing wellness.  

Keanna Hinds BSN, RN is a mom, daughter,  writer, blogger, entrepreneur, griever and  most importantly a healer with over 10 years of experience in the medical field.

With her newest role as a certified grief counselor, Keanna has developed alternative ways of supporting individuals as they experience grief. Keanna is the CEO of The Toni Rose Foundation Inc. which is a non profit that provides grief relief, support, and resources to  promote healing and guidance to grieving families across the world.

The Toni Rose Foundation was founded after the tragic death of Keanna’s Mom in 2018. No stranger to tragedy and trauma, Keanna’s passion and purpose is  to shed light on the impact of grief and trauma in the Caribbean community.

Keanna Hinds (L) & Danielle Fairbairn- Bland (R)

Our Mission

To promote unity in our community, educate our children about our rich history, strengthen our families, and celebrate our greatness.

Our Vision

To see the celebration of Kwanzaa grow and expand across our community, and to continue to collaborate with Black families and professionals, thereby strengthening our community bonds.

We want every child to experience the fullness of their history, understand their power, and walk in their greatness.

Our Values

We value Family, Community, and Culture. We honor our Children, Elders, and Ancestors.