Kwanzaa Corner

Rise to the Occasion- Kings & Queens Edition!

CKV 22 is here, reserve your spot. Children’s Kwanzaa Village Early Bird Registration is available now! We welcome all to join us for a virtual celebration honoring community, family & culture. This year, we’re highlighting ways we all embody ‘Royalty’ in our daily lives by highlighting the contributions of those who continue to strengthen ourContinue reading “Rise to the Occasion- Kings & Queens Edition!”

Children’s Kwanzaa Village is back for its 6th Year!

Habari Gani? Children’s Kwanzaa Village is back for its 6th year. This year’s theme is Rise To The Occasion: The Kings & Queens Edition. That’s right! We are recognizing how we are Royal everyday, walking with our heads held high despite the challenges we face, and acknowledging Royalty within the Black community. We want toContinue reading “Children’s Kwanzaa Village is back for its 6th Year!”

Wellness- We are One, We are Whole, We are Well!

Hosted by founders Danielle Fairbairn-Bland and Keanna Hinds, Children’s Kwanzaa Village successfully held its fifth annual celebration in observance of Kwanzaa in our community on Wednesday December 29, 2021. The aim of this event is to educate and entertain children about Kwanzaa, connect parents with resources, and honor our elders and ancestors in an inclusiveContinue reading “Wellness- We are One, We are Whole, We are Well!”

Children’s Kwanzaa Village 2021-December 29 at 6PM EST

Take a look at our past celebrations here. This year, we are highlighting the importance of Community Wellness through song, dance, interactive sessions, and educational videos. We will learn ways to maintain wellness for ourselves, our family, and our community. This year’s theme: We Are One, We Are Whole, We Are Well! THANK YOU TOContinue reading “Children’s Kwanzaa Village 2021-December 29 at 6PM EST”